Hart Schaffner Marx partners with Steven Alan

This fall, two iconic menswear brands, Hart Schaffner Marx and Steven Alan, collaborated on a capsule collection of authentic made-in-America clothing. The Hart Schaffner Marx for Steven Alan collection includes three blazers, one trouser and three suiting options which will be sold exclusively in Steven Alan stores and on stevenalan.com.

Hart Schaffner Marx for Steven Alan suits hang in the Steven Alan Chelsea location at 140 10th Avenue in NYC.

Steven Alan and the HSM team worked very closely in creating the collection. HSM President Brett Schenck, along with designer Nick Caputo and Jon Morales, worked with Steven Alan in executing the details of each garment. The process was organic and produced a men’s suiting collection that fits seamlessly with the existing offerings in the Steven Alan fall collection.

Other offerings at the exquisitely curated Steven Alan store.

For the Steven Alan collaboration, Hart Schaffner Marx introduced the Los Angeles model. It is the trimmest silhouette HSM has in its collection and Steven Alan was the debut client for this model. It features a slightly shorter coat and a slimmer cut in the jacket and pants, fitting closer to the body for a more contemporary look. The jacket also features slimmer lapels and softer shoulder. The new model is currently available in the HSM collection.

Alan was attracted to fabrics with rich heritage and authenticity, of which HSM has plenty. The fabrics chosen for this collaboration are classic and traditional, but when combined with slimmer cuts they become updated, fresh and modern to wear. The inspiration began as Hart Schaffner Marx is celebrating its 125th year in business, and the fabrics chosen are timeless patterns that encompass the storied heritage of the brand. A Harris Tweed, a Cavalry Twill and a true doe-skin navy flannel are featured items. They were introduced exclusively for the fall 2012 season.

Another unique detail that was added was the recreation of archived labels. Our team searched through the vast HSM archives to research the various garment tags that have been used throughout our 125 year history. Tags were then recreated using elements that are vintage-inspired and truly authentic. It is also the first time in the history of HSM that another brand’s name has been placed on the actual tag. A variation of this label will be used for the main HSM collection beginning in spring 2013.

HSM was proud to partner with a designer grounded in classic American roots. In 1994, Alan opened his first retail store selling the collections of young and emerging designers. After having success in the retail business, Alan decided to open a showroom in 1996 dedicated to finding and nurturing new talent. With many years in the fashion industry under his belt, Alan launched his own collection in 1999. His signature reverse-seam shirt was a hit and landed him a cult follwing of loyal fashion saavy customers. Currently, Steven Alan operates 12 retail stores in the United States and the Steven Alan collection is sold in over 300 stores wordwide.

The HSM x Steven Alan collection is available now in Steven Alan stores and online at www.stevenalan.com.

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