Where We’re Shopping: Made Collection

Recently, more and more shoppers are looking for the “Made in America” label on the products they buy.

Unfortunately, that label isn’t always easy to find. Today, only 2% of the clothing we buy in the United States is also made in our country. That figure is down from 95% in 1960.

Luckily, MadeCollection.com showcases the many great products that are still made in our country. Made Collection is a flash sale website dedicated to selling American made products spanning a wide variety of categories including men’s, women’s, home, accessories, and more.

Some of the current Made Collection offerings include a Yakima blanket by Pendleton Woolen Mills, a long sleeved Hickory shirt made at the Oregon Corrections Enterprises, and a variety of iPad and iPhone covers in leathers and herringbone. While shopping products, customers can also read about the brand’s American history and what it stands for.

In addition to the flash sale website, the founders David Schiff, Scott Prindle and John Kiselhorst also help promote the “resurgence in American manufacturing” through their advertising and marketing company, Made Movement, according to their website. Together, the site and agency expose Americans to the brands making products here, which keeps these companies in business and supports our economy.

On November 14th, the Hart Schaffner Marx Grey Charcoal 125th Anniversary Three Piece Suit, made in Chicago, will be featured on MadeCollection.com.

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