Holiday Gift Guide: Grace Ortelere, Community Manager


In the second installment of our Holiday Gift Guide, Community Manager Grace Ortelere tells us what items she is buying for the men in her life. Read the first post from HSM President Brett Schenck for more ideas.

Managing the Twitter and Facebook accounts for Hart Schaffner Marx, I get a lot of questions from women who are unsure what to buy their fathers, brothers, uncles, boyfriends, husbands, and male colleagues and friends for the holidays. I am lucky enough to be surrounded by well-dressed men so I know the trends.

fair isle sweater lay downOne great gift is the Hart Schaffner Marx Fairisle Sweater. As we wrote about in an earlier post, Fair Isle has made a big comeback for the the Fall 2012 season. However, it seems that many of the Fair Isle sweaters available at other retailers have oversized or inverted patterns, which might turn some men away. Instead, this Hart Schaffner Marx sweater has a more muted tone-on-tone pattern, letting the man wear the trend instead of the trend wearing the man. Luckily the sweater is on sale for a limited time only for $85 (but my little brother doesn’t need to know that…) and can still ship in time for Christmas with the two-day shipping option.

5603930R.zoom.aThe Hickey Freeman Alligator Belt in Cognac, $495, is a gift for someone special — or guys, if you’re reading, a great treat for yourselves. This classic but rich-looking belt adds a compelling layer when paired with a white oxford, great sportcoat and dark jeans.

Stay tuned for our next installment of the Hart Schaffner Marx Holiday Gift Guide!

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