Behind the Scenes at the Spring 2013 Photo Shoot

It is beginning to look a lot like…Spring 2013!

After all the feasting on home cooking, ringing in the New Year and cozying up near the fire, we are finally starting to look forward to the spring season — and prepare our list of must haves to get us through the spring and summer weather!

setting up organized chaos

Organized chaos. Setting up a backdrop for the shoot, left; Organizing samples to be shot as looks, right.

Rejuvenated and ready to shed some layers, everyone here at Hart Schaffner Marx got back to work to put together our Spring 2013 photo shoot. Energy was high on set, as everyone was excited to see how the images turned out. The looks we created with our beautiful new merchandise will transport you into our vision for the new season. Click through for more behind-the-scenes shots!

Prepping the shoot is something we call “organized chaos.” There is the gathering of the samples, steaming of the clothes, casting of the model, arranging the location (Outdoors or in a studio? Minimal sets or a lot of props?). All of these decisions are key to making the photo shoot a success.

styling alex

Our stylist has a few tricks up his “sleeve”: he tightened the sportcoat with binder clips on the back and even detached the cuffs from the shirt so he                    could readjust them!

This year we decided to keep the shoot minimal with a beautiful grey background, which will keep the clothes looking fresh and new. This spring we wanted to showcase the mixing elements of tailored clothing and sportswear together and showcase dressing for different occasions, and demonstrating to our customers how you can make many looks by mixing and matching different pieces.

fun stool

Our model was goofing off a little here, but we liked the energy captured in this picture, left;  Our stylist enjoys layering, which is why this outfit was one of his favorites, right.

We wanted to share some behind-the- scenes photos to give you a glimpse into the making of a season campaign, but you’ll just have to wait and see the complete Spring 2013 collection!

plaid shots on laptop

Our photography assistant gives our photographer feedback while he takes shots, right; “I’ll definitely own that shirt,” our Senior Marketing Manager said about the plaid shirt we paired with a navy sportcoat and leather watch, right.

For even more behind the scenes photos, follow @hartschaffner on Instagram.

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