On the Road with Hart Schaffner Marx: Chicago Collective

Executive Vice President of Sales, Bruce Bellusci

Our Executive Vice President of Sales, Bruce Bellusci. Maybe he’s practicing his sales pitch.

Each season, buyers and editors flock to our New York City showroom to view the latest collection. We show them what’s trending for the next season, how to buy the trends for their stores, and how to get the customers excited about thew new merchandise.

photo (24)

But not everyone can make it to NYC. The Chicago Collective is a large trade show where many prestigious brands present their collections to buyers who might not be able to travel all the way over here to Manhattan. The event allows a fantastic range of specialty stores to see our line and possibly make some orders.

photo (22) photo (21)

Our Executive Vice President of Sales, Bruce Bellusci, attended the trade show to meet with many of our loyal customers to present the Fall 2013 Collection. While he was presenting the collection, he took a few snapshots to capture the essence of the trade show and our booth.

According to Bellusci, the Chicago Collective is the “best trade show in the country. We get to visit with all of our great retailers in the south and are able to visit with them in a great environment. Our product looked amazing and our customers can clearly see our vision for the upcoming fall season.”

Bellusci also took notice of the fact that the retail community had a “very strong reaction to the Fall 2013 Hart Schaffner Marx Collection. This collection garnered the best response from retailer we have had in the past five years, and we were thrilled to see our customers react the way they did to our clothes. They were impressed with the quality, design and upgrading of our fits and fabrics. All in all, the retailers were very supportive of the Hart Schaffner Marx brand.”

photo (27)photo (25) photo (26)

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